Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review: WEN Hair Oil: A must or pass?

I'm a WEN girl and have been for several years now. When I first tried it I wasn't so sure it was all it was promised to be. In other words, I didn't get the super dramatic hair revitalization that they said I would on the infomercial. Since then, I've learned a thing or two and with continued use, I'm SOLD. This is the best (and close most pricey) hair stuff I've used and I make sure I don't run out.
So...after watching countless sessions with Chaz on QVC (to see the latest deal and possibly place an order), I've learned ways to use WEN that result in great hair. However, this post isn't about that, it's about the add-on item: WEN HAIR OIL.
I pretty much by-passed this stuff for all the years I've used WEN. I'd run some through now and then, but never consistently, as I never saw the results. Then...I left it on for several hours one night and then showered. My hair was incredibly soft. Before it had felt really fried, even with my regular use of the WEN. So I dolloped a good amount of the Pomegranate Oil on and let it sit while I watched TV. After my shower I could tell immediately my hair was softer. Also, the next day it was softer than it had been in months (even though I do use the hair masque frequently).
A week later I did the same treatment again--several hours and then shower. Voila! Amazing soft and shiny hair. Where had this been before? I could not sleep in the oil (too messy), but this method seemed to work. I think that combined with my consistent use of the WEN plus the oil treatments for several hours (not just one like I'd always done before--you really need to let it sit and stew for a long time). Give it a try. If you like WEN but haven't had the results with the oil, try it again and really let it sit before washing it out, with WEN, of course!

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