Friday, December 6, 2013

Ageless Beauty Makeup Tip: Best facial crack filler

Over 40 we all have a facial "crack" or 20. We have hollows and areas that need a little help. Like those little half-moons that form under our eyes :(

For true filling, you need a needle and some filler, but you can fake it fairly easily with just a few tips:

1. Use a filler with body. I'm talking filler that will stand up on its own light a stiff frosting. If your filler is like a lotion or doesn't literally stand on its own when you put it on your finger, forget it.

My best choices for this are:

1. Olay Regenerist Filling and Sealing Treatment, 
2. Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Base

These both have the body you need to actually fill an under eye hollow or deep wrinkle. The Loreal Magic Blur is a good choice, too but not as stiff as the Magic Base.

2. You need to start on clean EXFOLIATED skin. If you haven't exfoliated in awhile, you must do this to get the best results.

3. Moisturize first. Let the moisture sink in for a moment before you apply the filler. This is important.

4. Pat the filler of choice on your cracks, hollows. Use it to really "build up" the area. You won't need much.

5. Apply your foundation (use a light touch), then lightly tap on concealer over the filler. Don't rub or you'll rub off all your hard work! This may take a little practice. Use a light tapping motion until it's blended.


6. Set with a light luminizing veil. Don't use translucent powder, don't use mineral foundation. they will accentuate your lines. You must use a very light setting veil to camouflage your "filling" and set it.

That's it. Once you get the hang of it, you can do this quickly (under 60 seconds) and be on your way.

Also, very good and GET TWO MIRACLE BLUR!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best Lash Growth Products From $100 to $5.00

I've used several lash growth products:

Latisse -- works, but pricey ($100+) made my eyes itchy and also the drag of having to get it from of doctor

Serum KGF - works on brows; didn't see much in the way of growth on my lashes

Olay -- I like Olay, but this stuff didn't work for me. Maybe I need to try it longer? Good price, but not much else.

Select Lash -- super, duper cheap and it works. Caveat: You must really sop this stuff on and use it daily, but I've seen growth (not fullness, but growth).

AQ Lash -- works great, but pricey ($100+). It works fast, good growth just high dollar!

Just my two cents. I like to pass on what I find that works (and doesn't) for my fellow Ageless babies!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

REVIEW: Temporary Hair Straighteners - John Frieda 3-Day Straight- does it work?

Hey, curly and wavy heads! I don't know if you've heard about this product (it's not really new). I picked up as little sample bottle at my local Walgreens and gave it a try. I sprayed a few spritzes (several, actually) on freshly washed damp hair before I blow dried.

OMG--not kidding, my hair looked like I used a flat iron for the next two days. This stuff seemed to really work. But I always try things two or three times before I truly BELIVE.

The next time I used it I sprayed quite a bit less and the results were less. My normally curly hair was less so, but still not nearly as straight as I got it before (from just this product and a blow dryer).

After a few more tries (and an investment in the full-sized bottle), I've found a recipe that works for me pretty well. I lift my hair and spritz around my head plus one full spritz on my bangs and another generally over the top of my head--about 5 or 6 in all. Then I add a little of my beloved Kerastase oil and blow dry for a nice, smooth finish.

This one gets a full thumbs up from me!

*Caveat: My hair is fine and curly and fairly easy to straighten with a blow dryer. If you have super curly thick hair (like my daughter) it won't work nearly as well. I've used it one her and it helps slightly, but not much. Great for you who have fine to medium curly or wavy hair :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

BOOST BASKETS -- Give yourself a healthy boost

Baskets created to give you a healthy boost – see and feel the difference!

We’ve handpicked from the world’s best health and beauty products to create a range of
Boost Baskets, designed to give your skin and health a real, tangible boost –whatever your skin type. Our Boost Baskets combine the nutrients your body needs with nature’s NEW moisturising revelation – hyaluronic acid – they can help you look and feel great! Experience the difference in just one month.

Learn more:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Need to learn more about hormones?

A growing number of women are taking an active role in their health care. In today's information age, women are no longer content to accept that their quality of life should slowly degrade into misery due to changing hormones.

This course is designed to educate women on various hormonal issues. Read more

Article: NERIUM AD -- Seen on The View

If you have vibrant skin and want to retain that youthful, healthy glow for life, or wish you looked ten years younger so your outward appearance matched your inner youth, NeriumAD products have you covered!

The NeriumAD product line is effective from the first application; however, you will see remarkable improvements in your skin’s appearance through continuous use. Ultimately, we know you want lasting results. That’s why NeriumAD is an ongoing choice, a daily ritual, which will help you achieve youthful-looking skin. No matter how young or old you are, male, or female, great skin begins with NeriumAD. Are you ready to reflect your youth?

Nerium was just featured on THE VIEW with Jenny McCarthy:

Friday, October 11, 2013

Can women over 40 do a smokey eye makeup look? (Celeb misses)

Sometimes I see women my age and older/slightly younger (like Heidi) doing makeup that just shouldn't be done any longer. They are beautiful and this is no means a bash to them, but maybe just a telling lesson to the rest of us who wonder: Can I still do a smokey eye?

The answer is usually a resounding NO. At least not the typical smokey eye. You can still do a "semi smokey" eye with softer colors and less lower lash liner.
See how her eye gets "pulled downward" with the dark liner on the bottom?
Also, the darkness creates shadows under her eyes (no one wants that!). The picture above makes her look more youthful and pretty.

Another one who should give up the smokey eye already! Pam, you're well over 40. It's just making you look tired and haggard. I think a softer grey would be nice instead of that harsh black. Just my opinion.

Two who are doing it well:

Very pretty and natural. She is obviously wearing makeup; it's not wearing her! Note the lip color which is key in making her face really come alive! Also, no heavy under-eye liner!
This works because she is not wearing heavy under-eye liner, but she is wearing a nice lip color and blush and note the dewy look of her skin.

Women: Wear some color on your lips. Not too dark, but not beige or too neutral which will just wash you out. Make sure it has some berry, pink or coral in it to really brighten your face.

MAKEUP ARTIST TIP: Mix a little oil (see my other post on a cheap Argan oil I love) with your moisturizer or foundation for this dewy look!

Going Organic?
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why do women love leather footwear?

Why do women love leather footwear?

Fashion and women are synonymous with each other. A man can think about getting up and going out after maybe just a quick shower buy a woman will examine herself a thousand times before stepping out of the house. Her hair, dress, accessorizes, make-up, everything has to be perfect.
Women are particularly obsessed with shoes and that is a part of their collection, where there's always room for one more pair. Leather footwear make for a significant part of a woman's collection of shoes. That is something very understandable given the number of factors that add to their appeal.

So, what are some of the main reasons behind the love, every woman has for her leather shoes?
-Their most enduring quality is that they can make a woman look very feminine and at the same time, empowered. This lends a sense of confidence to women of all ages, and with all types of personalities. Any fashion guru will tell you that the most important accessory that a woman can posses is confidence.

-Ask any woman and she will tell you that such shoes shoes are very personal to her. The availability of a wide range styles allow them to make their own statement. They give her a chance to experiment with her appearance. This means mixing and matching dresses, tops, bottoms of different colors and styles with her collection of footwear.

-Not to mention the fact that they help women get all the attention they want. A girl could get by just fine wearing flip flop or sneakers but if she's like most other women, she definitely has a craving for getting the attention of others around her. The one thing that a great pair of leather shoes can promise a woman, are compliments. Possibly hundreds of them from the moment she leaves her house, all the way through the day, till she gets back home.

But is the utility limited to looks?

It's true that to any girl who wants to remain relevant in terms of fashion, will always hold her leather footwear very close to her heart! But truth be told, that is not where their utility ends!
These are some of the other reasons why they are so popular among the fairer sex!

-There are both comfortable and striking. Especially the ones with a flat sole, as they are commonly worn all day without the feet having to suffer as opposed to high heels. This allows you to be stylish without having to make any compromises in the comfort department.

-Functionally speaking, leather is very protective and strong and can protect against cold or rainy weather.

-They are categorized as formal wear. In case of women that want to make a mark in the cooperate world, such shoes are an essential part of her everyday attire.

-Being long lasting, leather can be very cost effective. The trick is to invest in a durable pair and follow certain simple rules to add to its longevity. Regular buffing, polishing and judicious use are some of the key factors that can add years to their life.

Meta Description-Leather footwear lend grace, finesse and style to a woman's appearance. This is why you will always find a number of leather shoes inside her closet, and there will always be room for one more.
*Paid article

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cheaper than Botox: Drugstore item has relaxed my forehead wrinkles!

Hey ladies: Here's a quick post for any of you who are trying to either avoid Botox or are looking for a cheaper alternative. I have one: The Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex

The first bottle of this that I bought didn't work at all. It was stiff, hardly came out the bottle and did nothing. In a fit of defiance, I bought another bottle to try it again. Normally, I wouldn't bother, but something told me that the first bottle was defective.

I was right.

I use this daily now to stave off my ever-deepening forehead creases (I have a pre-teen--enough said!). It really does help relax the lines without giving me that Frankenstein frozen forehead that is, to me, becoming more and more laughable when I see it on some middle-aged housewife screaming on TV.

I like that this stuff is pretty cheap (under $30), easily available (even at grocery stores) and it does work.

Hope it does the same for you!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall 2013 season nail polish colors revealed!

The Gel Place Talks BGEL And Nail Polish Colors Of The Season.
Summer is in full swing and with fall right behind on its coat tails many of us are frantic in figuring out what nail polish works best and lasts the longest for us fashionistas. Because let’s face it, not everyone has time to sit in a nail salon waiting for their nails to dry!
Whether you’re a fan of  this seasons bolds or neon colors, The Gel Place provides THE highest-quality nail polish, called BGEL. BGEL is the only true one-step system. No base coat or top coat required- just one amazing gel polish! It dries in UNDER 2 minutes in the light. Can you imagine saving 15-30 minutes in a nail spa or salon without sacrificing quality?  
With 71 trendy, bold, and perfect colors, The Gel Place provides a color for anyone looking to make a statement this season. The color selection includes vibrant neon’s sparkling glitters for summer and all of the deep reds, pinks, and blues clients are looking forward to flaunting in the fall.
Each of the colors are hand picked by industry trend-watchers who have their eyes on each season's' hottest shades. The Gel Place also offers a topcoat that's ideal for flawless French Manicures. BGEL colors are guaranteed to make a statement! See more at:
BGEL is unique in that it isn't going to give you another nail polish brand to choose from. Rather, they’re dedicated to providing customers with the BEST gel polish. Everything about BGEL is superior to other gel nail products, from their revolutionary medical grade formula to their specially designed brush. BGEL is gel polish done the right way. BGEL does NOT penetrate into the nails so it won’t cause any damage or yellowing.
The formula is the only one of its kind on the market. The BGEL formula is 100% solvent free, and contains no butyl acetate or ethyl acetate and is the only natural gel polish that’s safe to apply directly to nails. With BGEL’s revolutionary formula, the need for a base coat is eliminated and won’t harm the natural nail.
The Gel Place, which features this amazing polish, started their company with the idea of offering the best soak off gel products in the market. Their mission was to bring forth products that have a wide range of uses, from gel overlays, artwork, sculptures, and nail extensions. The Gel Place prides them on offering the safest gels in the market.  Over the years there have been many concerns about gel adhesives being harmful to the nail and skin and The Gel Place has sought out the best brands for the safest application for nail health.
For more information regarding this amazing nail polish and find out how or where to get your hands on this amazing polish please contact (Sales) at  1-(800) 696-7096 or via email at To purchase BGEL nail polish, please visit The Gel Place at

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fashion History Lession: How leather boots came into fashion


Want Straight Hair? Do it the natural way with Botanical Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening System

Botanical Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening System

BHB’s Botanical Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening System (patent pending) is based on technology developed in our laboratories and uses a unique mode of action to adhere keratin to the hair without hazardous ingredients. We are proud to say it is a formaldehyde-free product that makes up a safe, clean, and sustainable approach to removing 80 to 100% of frizz and natural curl. Results can last for up to five months with the continued use of our Sustaining Shampoo and Conditioner, specifically formulated to extend the life of your treatment.

BHB’s Botanical Keratin Hair Straightening System was created to give both stylists and clients alike a safe environment and an alternative to other controversial products. Our product is formulated with a unique blend of keratin, silk amino acids, botanicals, exotic Amazonian oils, Brazil nut butter, Buriti oil, Maracuja oil, antioxidants, organic green tea, and other goodies to enrich your hair.

*Paid blog post

New Device for Anti-Aging: Sirius Infusonic Sonic Infusion Device

Sirius Infusonic Sonic Infusion Device

Sirius Infusonic Sonic Infusion Device is a sonic device designed for application of skincare products. The device claims to achieve a more effective product application than with “traditional manual application” (ie. with fingers):

"The Infusonic substitutes breakthrough sonic technology for traditional finger-tapping manual application to ensure effective and consistent infusion of skincare products. The gentle sonic action infuses product beneath the surface and enhances absorption of active ingredients, allowing your skin to experience the full benefits of serums, creams, lotions and moisturizers. With daily use, the Infusonic can promote smooth, healthy, hydrated skin. The Infusonic can be used with any serum, cream, lotion, or moisturizer."
Major claims of Infusonic’s potential benefits:
* increase performance of products
* deliver more nutrients to the skin
* achieve deeper penetration of products
* nourish skin layers with more hydration
* use with your favorite skincare products
* utilize skincare products more efficiently

What you get:
* Sonic Infusion Device
* Charging Base
* 100-240V Universal Power Supply Adapter
* User Guide

*I’ve noticed substantial improvement in the way my skin looks after three weeks of usage.

I credit the Infusonic with most of this improvement because the range of skin care products I use remained exactly the same since I started using it. I decided to try the Infusonic because I use Chanel Sublimage cream which is very expensive, and I can’t afford to waste any of it. Also, I wanted to make sure that its performance is maximized (that it really gets deep into skin layers).

I usually dab a small amount of product on the tip of the device and glide it slowly all over my face for about 5 minutes until there is absolutely no product left on the tip. It’s definitely better and more effective than applying product with fingers, and I am sure that no product is wasted as when it just absorbs into fingers or just sits there at the surface. Very useful and handy product which I highly recommend.*

*Paid product article--all claims are that of the product manufacturer/distributor

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

REVIEW: Best all-around eye shadow for over 40 ageless eyes (beats out it Cosmetics, MAC, Tarte)

OK, I plopped down a handful of money for a new (for me) brand of eye shadow. I saw it touted on one of the shopping channels and while at ULTA the other day, I decided to splurge. The last thing I need is more eye shadow, but that's another story...

I love it Cosmetics shadows. They are sheer, buildable and not talc-y. They lay very nicely, but the range of colors is limited. I love MAC (who doesn't) but my new find is even better (in my opinion). I LOVE Bobbi Brown shadows. They are the hands-down best, but pricey and cannot be found everywhere (like ULTA). So...what is my new find?

This matte palette is perfect for over 40 eyes--no shimmer, no talc, no crepiness!
Too Faced. I know, I know, not a new brand, but although I have never really worked with it before, I'm am impressed. The shadow palette I got was neutrals all in matte, which are hard to find. They lay so nicely! Over a primer, they are divine! They last and last, too.

The palette had several shades and they are usable. They are very pigmented so I'm sure they'll last a long time. I'm thrilled.

Unfortunately, a TARTE palette I bought awhile ago didn't impress me. Is this stuff really powdery or is it me? Not highly pigmented, either. Too bad as I had high hopes.

As a side note, I got a sample of their eye shadow primer, which is perfectly fine. A solid 8 out of 10. I do use Laura Geller primer (love it--very light texture) and also a Paula Dorf primer which is heavy. I use the Dorf only when I really spend time on my eyes (a night out, for example). For an everyday primer, the Geller is my top choice!

Non-Surgical Methods to Increase Breast Size

Non-Surgical Methods to Increase Breast Size

Desperately, some women having flat chest fearlessly indulge themselves in procedures that promise a striking increase in breast volume. Others would not compromise their health and rather take advantage of the affordable yet less bothersome methods to increase breastsize without surgery.

Aside from diet and workouts, a number of products that promise high success rates in upsizing breasts are rampant in the market. Moreover, they are amongst the top items of some women in their bucket list nowadays.

The innovations initiated by cosmetic firms focus on topical products and simple partially invasive procedures that will increase bust size without surgery yet with satisfying results awfully close to those crafted out of the surgeon’s scalpel and stitches. Examples of these are gels, creams, and fillers. Gels, according to claims of their manufacturers contain resins that increase adipocytes and fat stores in breasts; and phytosterol from herbal roots and soy crops that intensify the breast firmness and help produce an age- defying substance called collagen.

Meanwhile, creams like Naturaful do not only enlarge breasts, they also improve the tone and overall appearance of the breasts. They are fortified with enzymes, oils and essences that moisturize the skin and support skin renewal. It is important to take note that creams should not be applied as is; but to make them work more effectively, they have to be instituted with proper massage.

With this, absorption of bust boosting ingredients is hastened by increased blood circulation, leaving the underlying skin healthy and the breasts tighter. Circular massage using warm hands with further nipple stimulation also prompt the secretion of prolactin, a hormone responsible for bigger breasts of lactating mothers.

Another alternative means to increase bust size without surgery is through injection of fillers. Some are made from synthetic substances while some are naturally occurring in the human body such as the client’s own plasma. The breast enhancing effects of this method last for months.

To date, the most widely used, safe and affordable way that is popular even to transvestites are pills whose major components are plant estrogens that do the same job carried out by human estrogens. More often than not, results are tangible after few months of intake; although, some women show noticeable improvements in two weeks while others are left waiting longer for changes.

Employing the principle of stimulating growth of breast tissues through pressure or tension, pumps were introduced which simply work like vacuum suckers that stretch the breasts’ skin, thereby forcing the cells to swell and reproduce later on. Use this every day for at least two months and the result will be appreciated.


Available through licensed estheticians only!

The fact that the breasts are made solely of fats justifies the injection of own fat cells in your breasts for augmentation. The infusion of fats happen right after the extracted samples pass through a cleansing and purifying methods with the use of centrifuge.

In choosing the right product or method to increase bust size without surgery, it is a wise move to make a research about the products marketed. Read the testimonials of those who have already benefitted as well as the product reviews.

To enhance the effects of these breakthroughs, you can visually accentuate your busts by means of contouring with the use of makeup; using push up bras; standing with correct posture; and possessing the right amount of confidence. 


If you are a makeup artist
or sell makeup/skincare, you need this guide!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Does wheat and gluten cause cellulite? My take...

I have a little "newfound wisdom" to impart. I've been playing
around with my diet the last couple of years--hoping to find
something that helps the 40+ middle bulge that just wants to hang
on no matter what I do (sound familiar?).

Well, I decided to cut out wheat and therefore most sources of
gluten. Now I know gluten is the "hot topic" these days and I was
even checked for Celiac (don't have it). I am, however, gluten

What gluten does to me is cause bloat. This bloat, in turn, causes increased cellulite appearance. It causes me to retain fluid (I'm guessing) so therefore it's causing my skin to pucker and dimple

When I don't eat it, my cellulite is vastly improved. I mean NOTICEABLY improved! After years of trying everything (and I do mean everything), this one simple dietary tip has helped more than

I will follow up with my next ezine with more tips that have worked for me. It's hard because I love bread, pizza and all that, but if I just allow myself one splurge a week, it doesn't seem to really
matter if, IF, I am good the rest of the week!

Try it! It will take at least a couple or three weeks to get full effect, but it's worth it!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do you need Bridal Boot Camp?

There are so many "Bridal Boot Camps" popping up everywhere for brides to get into great shape before the big day. But is it really necessary?

Here's the thing: No matter what diet comes out, what guru says what, how many trainers go on Dr. Oz to tout their new "revolutionary" program, the same things remains: It all boils down to diet and exercise.

However, there is data that proves that it's not just how much you eat, but actually what you eat that will make a difference.

For example, you could subsist on a donut, crackers and juice for a day or a week. But how will you look? Like crap, that's how. You'll be bloated and doughy and pasty. Look at those people you know who eat like that and check their skin. It's probably pasty and dehydrated. No fresh veg. No fresh fruit. Not enough water. It all equals NO GLOW.

It's not rocket science and yes, it's hard. You have to eat to nourish or you may be thin, but you'll look awful. You don't need to live on raw foods. You don't need to be a vegetarian (actually vegetarians can look pretty pasty--no rosy glow.).

The science behind WHAT you eat is pretty compelling. I know that I can eat nuts galore, but one egg will bloat me. Weird, huh? I had to do a lot of testing in my diet to figure it out, but now that I have, it's easier than ever to keep my stomach flat (and I'm well over 40). I don't do tons of exercise a day, either. I've found that working out 30 minutes several times a week is fine.

It's what I do and how I do it that matters. For example, upping the intensity works far better than upping the time I work out. Therefore, I get a good workout in 20 minutes vs. 40 doing a lower intensity exercise program.

It's a matter of what works, what doesn't and finding the best balance for YOU.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Move Over Josie Maran... Acure Argan Oil is Awesome!

I  made a great discovery and had to share...

I'll start by telling you I love oils -- I mean beauty oils, the kind that make your face, body and hair super soft and shiny but without being greasy. They include various types, but lately ARGAN is the buzz. So naturally when I saw Josie Maran and her line on QVC I was tempted to try it.

I did. I got a sampler of her items and loved the argan oil. I started by-passing all of my other creams for this oil. It did the trick quickly and well without a lot of rubbing and smoothing. I just put a couple drops in my hand, rubbed my palms together once or twice and patted it into my face, neck, chest...I was good to go!

Then, on a recent trip to Sprouts (a healthy grocery store here in Tucson), I spotted ACURE pure, certified organic argan oil. It was under $15. Yeah, right, I thought, this stuff will no-way compare to the pricey stuff Ms. Maran was selling.

But it did.

I love it! It's pure and it works just as well (maybe better) than the $80 a bottle oil Josie sells. Hers is great, no denying it. But, for the price, I'm sold on Acure.

Check them out yourself

Gosh...I hope they don't become so famous they start raising prices... :)

P.S. I also tried the Josie Maran hair oil--while it smells really nice and is very light, I'm still addicted to my pricey Kerastase gold oil. Love this stuff so much!

GET $50 off a MINI
Available through licensed estheticians only!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Great News on Organic Sunscreens

With Summer right around the corner our beach bags, purses and cars need a stock of sunscreen to keep our family ready for fun in the sun. So many choices, but keep in mind that sunscreen is the #1 defense on setting yourself and your family up for a lifetime of beautiful skin, make sure you choose well!

Organic sunscreens like Coola gives you the peace of mind of all natural ingredients and is what celebs like Brook Shields, Heidi Klum and Julianne Moore have been spotted out and about with as their fav sunscreen.

Zinc Oxide and other mineral sunscreens like the popular eltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 which is a 9% Zinc product offers superb protection with the minerals sitting on top of your skin, blocking the UVA and UVB rays from hitting your skin.

And don't forget the hidden gem that is for the women of the family, a tinted moisturizer sunscreen for the face, Revision Intellishade Original SPF 45 to even your skin and give you a youthful look. Intellishade melts to your natural skintone and gives a zinc protection you can trust.

Summer goes so fast and is packed with fun adventures, make sure your family doesn't miss out because of bad sunburns. All of the products mentioned are paraben free, and can be found at my go to spot for free shipping and low prices at .The secret to great skin is protecting your skin with a trusted sunscreen.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Facemaster vs. NuFace vs. Ultra Renew Plus (Truth in Aging) -- UPDATED

OK, I've been meaning to do this post for awhile. As an avid "anti-aging" skincare advocate (and licensed esthetician), I am pretty good at figuring out what's what with skincare and various products. But when it comes to home devices, it's hard to tell until you actually use it.

I've used Facemaster for several years (6+), NuFace for about 5+ and Ultra Renew Plus for a few months. I feel equipped to give an unbiased review. Ready?

Facemaster, the home lifting/anti-aging device by Suzanne Somers: I still use the two-prong device and haven't updated to the newer one-hand device, but all in all, this machine isn't bad. I used for several years and found that when used weekly, I got pretty decent results. Now, here's the caveat: You need some sort of conductive serum (Ms. Somers has one to use with it). I used hers as well as others (copper serums, aloe vera, etc.). The bottom line: Use something without oil. Aloe vera seems to work fine, but I get more tingle with this than with hers so I just mix them together and it works great. It's cost-effective.

The Facemaster will give you a visible "lift" in certain areas. I found it works well on the eye area and lips to sort of plump them up bit. It's not as effective in the cheek/jowl area unless you spend a LOT of time (about 40 minutes) going over this area. Then I got a real "lifted" plumped cheek, but it was temporary. Between 1 and 5 with 1 being lowest and 5 highest, this machine now gets a solid 3 from me.

Now, the NuFace. I got this machine a couple years after the Facemaster and there are several things I love about it. It's quick. The Facemaster requires some time going over each area of the face. Plus, since I have the two-handed version, it takes both hands to do.

The NuFace takes one hand and I found that just a few slow (SLOW) passes over my cheeks/jowls, and I get a noticeable result of firmer, tighter skin. It doesn't really look "lifted," but it does look tighter and firmer so I guess that's the same thing. As far as the eye area, this machine is probably the lowest rank for that. If you need a quick "lift" and firming, then this machine is great, but for eyes, go with one of the other two I talk about in this post. Also, this machine requires a conductive gel. They sell one that is kind of nasty (thick and gloopy). Use a oil-free serum mixed with aloe vera  for good results. NuFace gets a 4 or face; 2 for eyes.

Now the newest in my home line-up: Ultra Renew Plus from the site I got this machine because I wanted something with galvanic current, LED light plus it has the microcurrent lifting capacity. 3-in1? Sounds good to me.

I have to say this is my new fave. I love how this machine does lots at once and it works great on face, jowls and eyes. I've even used it with a anti-cellulite/firming gel on my arms and upper thighs with pretty good results.

Caveats with this machine: Only available on their site, need conductive gel and the light therapy required you use eye goggles, which kind of disrupts my viewing of The Real Housewives ;)

As far as the conductive gel, this site also sells one to use with the machine. I bought it and have to say, again, it's not so great. It goes on nice, but dries quickly and gets sticky. That isn't good since the gel must remain wet to be used. I think the site owner is working on this, but for nearly $35, it's a no-go. Use aloe vera mixed with an oil-free serum (I use Loreal Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Serum). They are both cheap and readily available at drugstores. Also, I use the Nivea No More Cellulite gel on arms/legs.

The light therapy really seems to work. There are red (anti-aging), blue (anti-acne) and green (anti-dark spots) settings. I use the red and green alternatively. I find using either near my eyes, even with the goggles, a bit much so be careful about this, but as far as the chest or face, love it!

I use these machine (not so much the Facemaster lately as it seems cumbersome and time-consuming compared with the others) weekly (I try for 3x a week) plus the TriPollar Stop (see other review on this machine) twice a month now.

It's an investment for sure, but compared to what my dermatologist offers, it's a savings. You just have to put the time in and be consistent, but they do work!


Just an FYI: I had a problem with the power cord on my Ultra Renew Plus. It kept switching off and go so frustrating I contacted the company. They didn't ask questions; they just popped a new on in the mail to me pronto. Now my device works perfectly again.

That's what I call Platinum Service!

UPDATE: 2014

I'm back using the Facemaster and NuFace (original) two or three times weekly. I find that they give the best control over muscle stimulation (especially around lips and eyes) vs. the Ultra Renew. However, the light therapy and galvanic current are still very useful!

Facemaster seems to lift my eyes, cheeks and lips while NuFace seems to tone everything and make my face less puffy/sagging (especially in the jowl area).

In my opinion, you need at least one muscle stimulator (microcurrent) and possibly the galvanic current (drives product deeper into the skin). The light therapy is nice, but takes forever to see results.


Learn more about this powerful little machine!

Anti-Aging: Should You Take Calcium?

5 Health Benefits of Calcium

While there are many minerals that offer the human mind and body amazing health benefits, the perks of calcium consumption are particularly impressive. Upon examining five of the health benefits provided by calcium consumption, it becomes clear that making the mineral a part of one's daily diet is both important and advantageous. For those reasons and more, calcium is a primary ingredient in FG power strips.

1. Strong and Healthy Bones As many know, calcium consumption is integral to the maintenance of healthy bones. Unfortunately, the body continually uses calcium for the blood, heart, muscles, and nerves. Moreover, calcium is lost through regulatory processes of the body such as perspiration. If lost calcium is not replaced, the body will remove calcium from the bones, an act which weakens them and increases the individual's susceptibility to fracture.
2. Vitamin Absorption While calcium provides the body with many health benefits, it also helps the human system absorb other vitamins that are crucial to the proper functioning of the body. Iron, for example, is better utilized through the assistance of calcium. Without iron, the human system is more vulnerable to conditions such as anemia and heart problems.
3. Osteoporosis Prevention Consuming sufficient amounts of calcium with vitamin D can increase bone mass in children and young adults. Moreover, it can contribute to decreased bone loss amongst the aging population. Thus calcium consumption can help ward off the risk of osteoporosis, a disorder that makes one's bones become brittle, porous, and susceptible to fracture.
4. Calcium Can Help Keep The Weight Down According to research studies, calcium can play an integral role in the prevention of weight gain. This weight loss prevention transpires because calcium promotes fat burning and discourages fat storage.
5. Calcium Limits The Effects of PMS According to endocrinologist Dr. Susan Thys-Jacobs, when women don't consume enough calcium and vitamin D, the hormones regulating calcium react negatively with progesterone and estrogen. This triggers PMS symptoms. In discussing adequate intake, Dr. Thys-Jacobs recommends that women take about 1000 milligrams of calcium each day.

Upon considering all the health benefits of calcium, you may want to know which sources you can get the mineral from. In addition to dairy products such as milk and cheese, leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale contain significant amounts of the mineral. Fish like sardines and salmon also have calcium, as do oranges, almonds, and blackstrap molasses. When you attain calcium through consuming any of the foods listed above, you are likely to witness significant improvement in your overall health. To learn more, visit the FG Express Team.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

REVIEW: TriPollar STOP for Face: Does it work like it claims?

Facing a BIG birthday I suddenly noticed my jowls starting to sag. GASP! While I've been pretty good at staving off most wrinkles and heavy-duty aging signs, I did not fixate on the jowl until this one fateful day.

What to do?

I made an appointment for the CoolTouch laser at my derm office. This was a delightful procedure compare to the horrid Thermage and similar HOT HOT HOT lasers to lift and firm. I would recommend it...but it's pricey, so I figured I needed to look at other options. (The CoolTouch requires a minimum of three treatments to get the full effect, they say.)

I started the inevitable internet search for something proven to work at home. I put several hours into it (admittedly time I should have spent doing something else, but I was dogged). I found the TriPollar STOP for the face and decided after hemming and hawing to get it (450+ on Amazon with several pretty good reviews).

It came from overseas (I want to say Denmark or somewhere like that). Shipping was pretty quick, considering. I ripped it open and used it the first day.

First, I'll say this machine was packaged nicely and seemed fairly well-designed and built. I would request the light a little easier to see (hard to see when it turns to the desired orange when you're doing under your chin or not in front of a mirror). But I digress...

Does it work?

I have been using it for about two months now and I will give it a cautionary thumbs up. Here's the thing: It's like any high-frequency or procedure. It takes time to see results. Unlike the microcurrent machines like NuFace or Facemaster, this heats the skin and underneath to essentially encourage the growth of new collagen. And as we all know by now, collagen is key.

It requires about a 20-30 treatment every few days at first; tapering off to a couple times a month later. I did this faithfully every 3-4 days, then every 10 days, now about every other week.

I do feel it's helped with some of the initial jowl sag and even helped  reduce puffiness in my cheeks that make the nasolabial lines more noticeable (but they haven't gone away). I doesn't hurt, but take care to be careful once the skin is heated (you'll see the green light turn to orange once this occurs). You can burn yourself in the more tender places on your face.

I keep it on High for the jowls, cheeks, jaw and then turn it down for the eyes and even upper lip area. The somewhat sticky/greasy gel they send to use with it was a turn off at first, but I realize that it really works well and doesn't dry up or disintegrate like Aloe Vera or the like. It's something I would consider ordering to use with this machine.

If you're finding yourself whining "But who has the time?" then this  or any home device likely isn't for you. It takes time and commitment. Like exercise, just do it. However, I do it while watching TV and the time seems to fly by (whether I'm doing a home treatment or not). It works for me.

If you have significant sagging, I doubt this will help. But, if you're noticing the first signs and are already pretty good at doing home care, this might be a good fit for you.

I'll keep you posted as time goes on. :)

UPDATE 2015:

I rarely use this device any longer. It just doesn't seem to do much. Maybe it does and I just don't have the patience to see it ??

However, for a more "happening" treatment, try the NuFace, the galvanic or the FaceMaster (with reservations).

Monday, April 8, 2013

Clueless Advertising for the Boomer Generation: My response to a HARO query


Media Outlet: Fifty Plus Advocate newspapers

I'm seeking comments from advertisers and sociologists on why it
seems that major marketing advertisements aimed at people 50 and
older tend to show their perspective customers in the decline of
life -- needing a drug to have sex or just get through the day,
added health care coverage, electric wheelchairs to get around
-- anything but the vibrant lifestyle many of them continue to
lead well into their 70s, and in doing so, are losing the chance
to attract a sizeable market from a huge section of the
population, many who have more disposable income than the
younger audience that tend to be marketed to in much greater


I couldn’t agree more with your post! I am a Boomer myself (just barely) and do NOT, respond to the feeble advertising of today’s marketing gurus who likely don’t have
a very, shall we say, expanded concept of what it’s like to be a Boomer in today’s life. Most are incredibly active and vital, and with the advent of shows like Dr. Oz to stay informed, many are healthier than ever.

I am not an expert advertiser, however, I do run two sites for “ageless living” as well as a Boomer Meet Up group so I know a thing or two about the subject. My chief instincts are that:

--The advertisers/marketers are younger (under 40) and just not in touch with the reality of today’s more mature individual, preferring to see them as some clich├ęd version of a grandparent (grey hair, elastic waist pants and groaning to just get up out of a chair). 

--Advertisers are stuck in the mindset that if you reach 45+, you are therefore on your way out and stuffing your money in your mattress vs. spending it. Not smart.

These are my “two cents” worth as a successful entrepreneur, both online and off, and just hitting my 50s.
----------What do you think?

Author, Entrepreneur, Anti-Aging Beauty and Style Expert



Thursday, April 4, 2013

The history of hair and hair styling

The history of hair and hair styling

Twisty, braided or curly, styled straight or wavy, hair has been cut and styled every day, since centuries. Hair styles for men and women have been in existence since the medieval period and the Roman era. Paris, the mecca of fashion and style, had and still has its own unique fashion dictionary that the world chooses to follow. The ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, China, Rome, America, Africa, and Japan, had their own exclusive hair styles.

Traditional Japanese hairstyles make use of jeweled combs and beautiful,

Between the 16th and 19th centuries, the hairstyles of women became more elaborate and hair began to be decorated with ornaments such as ostrich plumes, flowers, ropes of pearls, ribbons, jewels, and delicate hand-crafted objects. It was sometime in the mid-18th century that the pouf became the style of choice for most wealthy women. During this time, the hair styles of men also evolved. Japanese men began to cut their hair in zangiri or jangiri styles. Slowly and steadily, Japanese women began to adopt Western styles too.   

20th century hair styles

During this time, the high bouffant and the beehive styles became very popular. The 1950s were the age of rock and roll and hair styles of both men and women were heavily influenced by the culture of pop and Elvis Presley. Hair began to be worn shorter and shorter in high ponytails. Some hairstyles were also layered cuts with short-cropped bangs. Gorgeous hairstyles began to be paired with funky accessories like big hoop earrings and bows. With girls adoring the styles of Audrey Hepburn and Gina Lollobrigida, the pixie hair cut became the rage. In America, popular haircuts of that era were most often inspired by teen idols, music, and Hollywood. The 1960s saw hairstyles becoming more elegant and graceful, and above all, natural. The male hairstyles of this era were influenced by the Beatles.

Modern hair styles

Modern hair styles range from creative and curly tresses to sleek, shiny and straight hair. Hair is either permed, or straightened using a flat iron. Bangs are a rage these days and can give you a sexy and classy look. Even today, women sport glittery ornaments on their hair. Wedding hairstyles have become more elaborate and complicated, yet they can be magnificent.

Hairstyle processes

Hair dressing includes various processes such as cutting, trimming, combing, brushing, drying, braiding, curling, and ironing. 

The hair and hair styling industry is a major industry today, generating employment for salons, spas, magazines, advertisers, and cosmetology professionals.

Bio: Sun Maag has helped thousands of students gain admission to prestigious schools of their choice. Our experienced team brings unique skills and knowledge to students who seek guidance on navigating the stressful process of college admission. We provide dependable advice to students by writing about various college and degree programs including Beauty Schools in New York, and how to find the best campus and online schools.




How to Firm and Tone Your Eye Area Using Microcurrent - Hooded Eyes

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