Monday, August 20, 2012

Life over 40..Tips and Trends to Stay Happy

6 Tips to Stay Hip, Sexy and Not Desperate Over 40:

1. Be sure to stay current with fashion trends and ADAPT them to your style and age. For example, sapphire blue skinny jeans are hot, but they may not be for you now. So instead, wear a sapphire blue scarf, jewelry, accessories, etc. to adopt the color trend without being a fashion victim.

2. Every year do something different with your makeup. If you've been wearing berry lipstick for the past 15 years, change to a pink or neutral. If you always rim your inner waterline with black, switch to dark grey, navy or deep plum. You get the idea.

3. Buy something you LOVE every season. Buy something you feel amazing in and wear it out!

4. Quit fretting about your body and wear shapewear and get on with your life. I've spent hours obsessing over bumps and rolls and sometimes you've just gotta don the SPANX and get on with it.

Cellulite: The Natural Cure5. See a doctor who knows something about aging and women. So many do not have a clue. Research your area and make an appointment and be truly honest about your problems. Don't give up until you get resolution.

6. Move your body. Do something you, weights, bike, whatever. Honestly I'm sick of being told about exercise, too, but it's something I can 100% guarantee you will make you feel better, more confident and sexier. <a

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