Thursday, August 30, 2012

Best Primer for Filling Over 40 Skin Cracks

Terrific primer, if used correctly!

I've used a LOT of primers including Geller, Mercier, Smashbox, Olay. You get the idea. The one I'm most impressed with for filling hollows (under eyes) and cracks is definitely the Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base.

I'm not sure how "magic" it is, but this stuff does work. The trick it use it right. This one doesn't go all over the face, or you risk getting little "pills" of product that ball up under foundation. But...if you use it in just your most severely cracked areas (nose to mouth, forehead, eye area), you'll get super results.

Use a light hand with it. It is very heavy compared to other primers, hence it's great "filling" properties. I love it in my under-eye hollows that are forming. I apply this the fill the area, then my foundation and concealer. By layering lightly, I get a really nice finished look.
Give it try with my link above for a trial size!

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