Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zumba Exhilarate "Rush" Workout Review

Hey there! This review is for the uber popular workout, Zumba. In particular, the Rush version, which is a 20-25 minute workout.

Let me preface this by saying that I am a life-long dance student. I've studied ballet, jazz, modern, ballroom (both latin/rhythm and smooth). I've even dabbled in Jazzercise and various workout dance routines. Sooo, I'm a bit of a dance snob. I basically pooh-poohed Zumba as another hyped up version of Jazzercise (which I really didn't enjoy).

However, I did decide to finally try it out. I got a DVD off ebay and chose the Rush for its short time workout and cheaper price than the longer workouts. I figured if I didn't like it, back on ebay it would go!

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I popped it in and was both impressed and disappointed, but mostly impressed. Here's why:

-Generally there is zero warm up, so you should do some warm up before starting. Why workout DVDs don't do proper warm ups is beyond me. Dancers warm up! Therefore, so should even amateur workout dancers.

-I was pouring sweat in this workout, which was great. It was excellent cardio and I appreciated that in a short time.
-Fun! I see why this workout is so popular. It is fun and a bit addictive.

-Music and color-Great music makes you want to dance and move and the colorful sets are waaaay more interesting than most of the boring studio workouts that are out there.

-Instructors-I liked them with the general caveat that one of them (Kass) was very latin-vibed and while it was great to watch her, she made the steps look a little more complicated than the other dancers. I switched to watching them for the same, but easier looking, moves. Loretta was great.

-Zero cool-down-Again, dancers warm down and stretch out their muscles. This is imperative, so I don't understand why even a 60-second cool-down wasn't included. DEFINITELY a must after working out.

All in all, if you're thinking of trying Zumba, this is a great, short, fun workout. Just be sure to add at least 5-15 minutes of warm up and cool down for the safest workout.


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  1. Nice post. Thanks for sharing your experience. I think zumba workout is the best choice for weight loss and fitness than joining gym classes.


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