Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss...Maybe not

Howdy! This review is about the RASPBERRY KETONES that Dr. Oz has endorsed as a possible weight-loss wonder supplement. Well of course I bought into it and here's my story:

While at a local vitamin store I ran into the RK and decided to get them. Also, a little sign posted next to them said "Dr. Oz Approved!" Like I didn't already know that.

I started taking them the next. I always start out slow with new supplements, often cutting them in half just to see how I'll do with them, but this was a departure from that. Since they are capsules I decided to take a full one and wing it.

Wowie kazowie! Energy verging on jitters and and odd mood followed. I was depressed, energetic and moody all at once. I wasn't keen on this obviously, so the next time I just poured a little from one full capsule into an empty geletin capsule and took that. I felt the same, but just less of it. The  next two times equalled the same effect. I really didn't like it, plus it was messing with my sleep. Not cool.

After taking it a couple weeks sporadically, I decided to hop on good ole Google and see if others had the same effect. Many of the reviews touted it as super great, but finally I started running into what I should have checked in the first place and what the good Dr. should have stated: Don't take them if on antidepressants or anti-anxiety pills, among others things. I do take a small amount of anti-anxiety (Lexapro) daily. No wonder I was feeling so oddly up and down and all around!

Did I lose weight during the short stint with them? Kind of. I did feel I had a bit flatter tummy, but it was such a small amount and for such a short time, I really couldn't say for sure. The one cool thing about them was the intense raspberry flavor. I liked it, but will NOT be taking these again.

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