Best FAST arm toning workouts

These are my FAVE arm toning workouts and are AGELESS approved:

-Tracy Anderson Matte Workout -- a departure from the normal heavy weights and boring reps. This is KILLER and will tone your arms in no time.

-8 Minute Arms -- oldie, but a goodie. I did this for years with varying degrees of weights and always saw quick results. I'm telling you...get past the hilarious spandex outfits and do the workout. It works!

-Jackie Warner -- she knows her stuff and my favorite are the PowerCircuit Dvd workouts. They are only 15 minutes and do the job.

Good luck! Do a rotation of these each week (do the Tracey Anderson a couple times) and you'll be super proud of showing off your arms! *These are all available on amazon or even ebay.

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