Monday, May 7, 2012

Wealthy WAHM... How to Be a Profitable Mommy

So you wanna be a WAHM. Well, here are a few tips for you to skip the "building time" and get on the road to profits faster.

Being a mom is tough. That's not new news. However, so many moms decide to take time to make a little business to help out the family and to do something fulfilling and (hopefully) fun.

What they realize could be that although they've got the business and a little time to devote to it, they aren't getting the impact profits they desire.

I write this because after nearly 10 years of working with WAHMs, I've learned a thing or two about their needs. I've also learned what works and doesn't work for most WAHMs who desire to run a profitable home business in direct sales and party plan sales.

I've got several books, ezines, newsletters, online articles, videos, name marketing help and guidance. After taking some time and polling readers, I've learned what they really need:

LEADS and a way to get to people without compromising themselves. I always say cold-calling basically sucks and most won't do it. If you won't do it, then it surely won't work so alternative means of getting the word out about your particular business are key.

How to do this?

Get yourself in front of those who are 55% or more likely to want YOUR product. I have developed a method to do this and it has worked for numerous WAHMs worldwide. It involved no cold-calling or spending money, advertising, etc. It's simple and uber cheap (can you think free?). To learn more about it, visit

For another option, I've written the Wealthy WAHM guide for party plan sellers and it's available on amazon here. It will give you a fun, simple and fast route to marketing, getting leads, developing sales, bringing in recruits and even make you a super stellar service provider.

As a mom who works from home, there are lots of option out there for you to not only get your business developed but make it into a power player for profits for your family. We offer lots of options and free advice, so visit us at

Here's a free copy of our ezine, ACHIEVE. Sign up for your own free subscription at

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