Tuesday, April 10, 2012

REVIEW: Hydrolyze: Dark Circle Eye Cream that Works

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Eye Creams: Two that work!

In the elusive for eye creams that actually DO something, I am happy to report that I've found two that actually live up to their promises.

1. Dark circles: I hate to admit it because it's a pricey product and I love finding cheapo stuff that works, but Hydrolyze Under Eye Cream has seriously reduced my dark under eye circles.

I bought it off one of the shopping channels knowing in my heart I was wasting my money. However, in a bid to try something new, I did it anyway.

Now, it's not a miracle and it doesn't work overnight, but I honestly can say that after 2-3 months of consistent (every night) use, I see results. Noticeable results. Enough said.

2. Lifting/Contouring: As I am in my late 40s, I need more and more help in the eye area (sound familiar?). I have slightly hooded lids and need something to firm the area. This stuff works! ROC also has a similar product and that is great, too. It's a little pricey, but available at any drugstore and when I use it consistently I do notice a slight "lifting" and firming of my upper eye area. Give it a shot. It's the Neutrongena Clinical Eye Lifting/Contouring Treatment.

*Note: I have ZERO affiliation with these companies or products. I'm just sharing my results!

product special!

As usual, we are all about WHAT WORKS! This issue offers a great product we've formulated ourselves after much research and testing. It is an amazing oil that combines 7 different potent anti-aging oils into one.

Use it after your bath/shower every night and watch your skin transform. It will be softer immediately and after several weeks see scars fade away, see your skin firm up and have a better overall tone.

It's totally natural, no fillers, no preservatives...nothing harsh. Try it now for just


Heavenly Body Oil contains:

Sweet Almond Oil
Apricot Kernal Oil
Rose Hip Oil
Camellia Oil
Pomegranate Oil
Evening Primrose Oil
Calendula Oil
Essence of Bulgarian Rose*

These oils each have amazing properties for skin. Get them all in one!

Get your sample of Heavenly Body Oil + free beauty samples today! (Quantities limited).


  1. Hydrolyze Skin Cream is highly effective because of three major ingredients – Dermox, Eyeliss and Bio-phytex that eliminate shadows by strengthen capillaries, prevent and reduce eye puffiness and break up blood particles, when there is a capillary leakage, respectively. These ingredients are the strength of Hydrolyze Skin Cream.
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  2. The eyes are the beautiful part of the body which increases the charm of your face. Dark circles are the problems which can degrade your face value. In order to eradicate this problem many medicated medicines are available in the market which can help in this context. This post contains a review of one of the medicated cream and no doubt it has done well in their field.
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