Ageless Mojo: How to Look 10 Years Younger Fast

The trick to looking more youthful isn't injections and lifts (although they help). It's really about having an overall youthful spirit; a vibe. You can put this together in how you dress and present yourself to the world.

First, get rid of dowdy accessories. Do you see celebs wearing certain items? If not, don't. For example, if you're in your 40s, steer clear of things like brooches and tailored "Chanel-type" jackets. These are things that older ladies wear (think Barbara Walters). You can wear them in funky ways, like the jacket with cropped jeans and heels or the brooch worn on your hat or waistband vs. on your lapel. Just doing this can trim off a few years instantly.

Another thing is wearing colors that scream "outdated." Things like full-body cream, tan or even black look a little older. If you wear a monochromatic look, definitely add a wild pop of color with bright shoes, scarf or bag.

And keep clothes looking current. Instead of simple black tank and cardigan, look for interesting clothes with details like the black tank in our Ageless Mojo shop.

By just doing a few simple things, you can shave off 5, 10, even 20 years in just an instant!

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